The Picto Access solutions

Social landlords

Picto Access, for Social Landlords, responds to your regulatory obligations * and guarantees you:

A detailed knowledge of the accessibility of your park

Master all the data related to the accessibility of your accommodation and agencies

Operating savings

Identify the right development work to be carried out

A reinforced brand image

Your tenants are more and more attentive to inclusive policies


Inform the accessibility of your agencies and accommodation

Detail the accessibility of your accommodation (housing, common areas and outdoor environment), as well as the reception conditions of your agencies thanks to our expertise:

  • References adapted to different types of housing
  • Usage expertise built with associations in the field
  • Diagnostics carried out autonomously or on a turnkey basis.

Communicate on your accessibility

Post your hosting conditions, with our promotion tools, across all of your digital channels (website, Facebook page, Google business listing, etc.).

Our goal: to support you so that your accessibility information is visible in the same way as your practical information (addresses, telephone ...).


Benefit from feedback from your tenants on the accessibility of their living environment

Take advantage of our collaborative tools, to gather the experience of your tenants on the accessibility of use of your reception and living spaces, by type of disability.

Target your actions according to their feedback.


Optimize your accommodation policies

Measure your level of compliance with regard to the perception of your tenants and identify precisely the investments and actions to be implemented.


Maintain your accessibility over time

Thanks to your dashboard (Management by building or across all of your networks) :

  • Update all of your information as you go
  • View your visibility statistics
  • Evaluate your progress

Join the Community of stakeholders who are committed to bringing color to accessibility

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