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In our territories, each citizen is, or will be, exposed to difficulties (aging, convalescence, etc.) in accessing the means of mobility and services offered by private companies and public administrations: People called "Reduced Mobility" (PRM)

Picto Access strives to respond to the challenge of social and economic actors to improve their reception conditions by providing them with a simple solution with high benefits, promoting autonomy and inclusion.

By integrating the concept of "Smart City", Picto Access meets all of the city's needs: Public Reception Establishment, work environment, housing, transport, ...

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Establishments receiving visitors

Improving the reception and its accessibility within its establishments is a simple action and source of very many social and economic benefits, for which has an appropriate solution.

The Picto Access solution, now deployed in thousands of establishments, is recommended by 100% of these users.

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Establishments receiving Workers

Welcoming people with disabilities into your company is much more than respecting the law: a commitment alongside fragile people, an increase in the performance of your teams, and above all, the promise of creating human relationships

The Picto Access solution supports you to facilitate your recruitment and improve your reception conditions.

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Making housing and their environments accessible (exterior, common areas) means adapting it to the specific needs of each tenant or directing them towards the accommodation that best suits them.

Thanks to the Picto Access solution, you have control over the data necessary for managing and marketing your fleet for more independent and happier tenants.

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Transport networks

The LOM law, promulgated in December 2019, introduces new obligations for more inclusive transport networks.

With the Picto Access solution, reference, enhance and manage the devices deployed on your mobility infrastructures

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Accessibility of a territory is a mobility issue that cannot be carried by a single actor but by a set of actors to follow and drive radical changes.

The Picto Access "Observatory" solution was developed to visualize the level of accessibility of all the infrastructure in a territory and its evolution over time, in support of major decisions.

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